Oven Roasted Chicken Breast with Bacon Fat Brussels


This meal again proves that Paleo is not difficult, its simple.

Take a few chicken breasts and lay them in a 9×13 pyrex dish.
Cook in the oven at 375 until mostly finished. Then lightly apply whatever glaze you wish to use. We used a mango glaze (recipe coming), then cooked a little more until the chicken was finished.
FOr the brussel sprouts just half each individual sprout and place them in a skillet with 1-2 tbs of bacon fat. As they sauté you can add a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
When they are fork tender they are finished.
Plate everything, and EAT IT UP!!!


Audacity Jump Start Day 1 of 31

Happy New Year Jump Starters!!!

Today is day 1 of 31. I hope that your New Years celebrations have left you with at least a few hours of sleep, and a boat load of anticipation to get going strong in 2014! So without any further mumbo-jumbo, lets get after this thing!!!

Before starting the warm up turn your favorite workout music up loud!!!

Warm up
Perform each of the following movements for 60 seconds each with no rest in between (total time 7 minutes)
-Jumping Jacks
-Big Arm Circles
-High Knees
-Trunk Twists (keep your feet straight and right under your hips)
-Sampson Stretch (right side & left) demo video —> http://youtu.be/1c1x-Uuv5h8
-Seated Reach for Toes

Baseline Test
Perform as many reps as possible of the following movements as you can in 60 seconds. Post your results on the Audacity Home Jump Start Facebook page.
-Pushups (Knees ok)
-Squats (back onto a chair, hands off knees) demo video —> http://youtu.be/4D-XvmsLNxU
-Burpees demo video —> http://youtu.be/21dvQyNiTjM

BAM!!! Look at you go! You have just completed Day 1 of 31. We will be ramping up the intensity of the workouts as we go since many of us are starting in different places. Don’t forget to post your results on the Facebook page and post on your Facebook wall about completing Day 1 of the Audacity Home Jump Start!

Great Work today!!!

Get Your Head Out of Your…

This post is gonna be quick, snappy, possibly a little brash, and full of what I call “REAL-REAL talk”. This post is meant to be read by the athletes of Audacity Athletics and other athletes however is more than applicable to the average Joe… Or Susan.

This post is about to start…


When you walk into the gym and see the workout on the whiteboard and your first thoughts are something like “Oh Crap” or “Why did I come today” or “This is gonna be SO HARD” or “I’m not sure I can…” ITS TIME TO GET YOUR HEAD OM STRAIGHT!

Before a PR attempt if you are thinking ANYTHING other than “IM GONNA FREAKING CRUSH THIS!” Or “I GOT THIS”, you might as well just put your bar away and not try, because you have defeated yourself before even laying a finger on the barbell. YOU GOTTA GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT!!!

With our training system workouts are REALLY REALLY HARD! They don’t only require a strong body, but a strong kind too. Never forget, physical steps of progress are always preceded by mental steps of progress. Here is a quick tip on making your mind BETTER, period.

1. Develop the “I GOT THIS Mindset”.
Go into everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING thinking “I GOT THIS!” When your brushing your teeth, making breakfast, starting your car, parallel parking, drinking coffee, or even eating a meal! Positive mindset a are made in small moments. They don’t just appear one day when faced with a crazy task. Whatever comes your way, go into it with the attitude that you are about to conqueror it!

We need a 12th Man


Even if you don’t know that much about the Seahawks you should know about the Seahawks 12th man. The 12th man isn’t an actual player on the team but it’s the fans at the stadium that cheer for their Seahawks. The 12th man can become so loud during a game that the opposing team can’t even hear the plays being called in the huddle. Not only does the 12th man make it extremely difficult for the Seahawks opponents, the 12th man can be that little extra boost the Seahawks need in a rough situation.
Some have gone as far to say that the 12th man is an unfair advantage.

Lately, I have come to find that I need my own 12th man. Yeah, you heard me right. I need my own 12th man. As a matter of fact EVERYONE needs their own 12th man! Everyone needs that person or those people that in the face of hard times, when the odds are against you, will get louder and louder cheering you on to victory!

You don’t need and extra coach or another advisor. Chances are that you already have more than enough of those, and half of them are probably giving you crappy advice anyway.
You need some freaking fans and some cheerleaders! The people that when we see them, no matter how you feel, inspire you to keep on going!

I’ve said enough. Now go find you 12th man.

Not Too High. Not Too Low.

Last night after watching the nail-biting end to the Seahawks game for the first time ever I took time to listen to the post game radio show. Russell Wilson came on and said something that struck me. He said, “I have to make sure I never get too high or too low”. He was referring to his mental attitude during a game. When they are down he never allows himself to get “too low” mentally. Getting too low will make everything become a gigantic mistake when in reality it’s not that big of a deal. Additionally he does not allow himself to get too high. When his team is absolutely crushing, he never allows himself to get too high, and wrapped up in the fact that he is doing well. This causes you to become overconfident and possibly overlook things that will come back to bite you in the butt!
I think in business, an in life, this is important. I think too often we allow ourselves to sink DEEP into self defeat by getting too low. This makes mountains out of mole hills. Also we get too high, we can often give ourselves more credit than we deserve and end up coasting and going on cruise control shortly after that.
So remember, never get too high, never get too low.

How my brother made me a better business man

One of my biggest fears when starting a business was the glaring reality that I have never done this before, I have zero formal business education, and there is a massive margin for complete failure. However in the midst of this I had a massive advantage.
For years I got to watch my brother become a self taught photographer, designer, & developer. Most people would have looked at him and dismissed him, saying because of the lack of resume he would not make it in his profession. In the midst of all that he spent hours upon hours watching videos, listening to podcasts, and learning all he could with all his time.
He refused to let anything stop him.
He hustled non-stop.
And guess what…
Today he is one of the big dogs.
He now is the lead developer for one of the most prestigious development companies.
How has this helped me?
Watching him taught me that education and a resume can be beaten by good old fashion hustle & hard work.
He taught me that even when it looks like the odds are against you, keep going, and going, and going, and going. Because soon enough, you’ll make it.

Whatever looks insurmountable to you, don’t be afraid. Hustle & work hard.
Your gonna make it.

4 Things I’ve learned in 4 years of Marriage

I am not about to write some lengthy marriage advice post. Why? I’ve only been at this 4 years. If you want some super in-depth marriage advise let me know and I’ll point you to the people that I have learned from. My wife and I have truly been blessed with having so many great people around us to guide and encourage us, without them, we would not be where we are today. So… Here are 4 simple things I’ve learned in 4 years of marriage.

1.) You are a team, and must operate as such. You and your wife are not two individual all-stars trying to prove who is better. You are a team working together to accomplish more together than you could a part.

2.) Be ok with being wrong, and admit it. One of the things both my wife and I have come to grips with is that we both are not perfect people, and being such we make mistakes. When we make them, we admit it, and move on. No need to get defensive, just move on. Life is too short.

3.) Laugh together daily. Sounds simple I know, but next time you are out to dinner just look at most of the couples. Most will be on phones or having conversations with a serious look on their face like they are negotiating a sales deal. Have fun with your spouse, and laugh. It’ll do you good.

4.) Have tons of sex. Yup, I said it. I don’t think this one needs tons of explanation. But if you need a reminder, Nike is always encouraging, Just Do It.