Why Women Should Stop Weighing Themselves

***Warning*** If you are a woman this post may offend you. Don’t let that stop you from reading…Because you probably need to hear this.

Screw the intro. I’m getting right to the point on this one.

Women. Stop weighing yourselves. Stop letting 3 square inches ruin your freaking life! Stop letting a 3 digit number cause you to starve yourself. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

This same post can be written for dudes too, don’t worry that one is coming soon, but ladies first right?

If there is one thing that I have experienced in 10 years of being a trainer it is a woman’s obsession with the scale. That’s not the only obsession I’ve seen but by and large it usually always in the top 3. At my gym, Audacity Athletics, WE DO NOT ALLOW WOMEN TO SET WEIGHT-LOSS GOALS. Freaking crazy huh? Yeah, its not the normal thing to do in our industry, but we are redefining the industry so who cares. We believe that a woman’s over all health, strength, and fitness are always paramount, and what the scale says is not.

I believe there are 2 reasons women obsess over their weight.

1.) They believe when they achieve a certain weight that will correspond to a certain physique.

2.) Getting to a certain weight gives them a feeling of self worth and achievement.

I have beef with both of these reasons.

Here are 2 pictures of women. One that stayed the same weight but changed her physique drastically, and one of a younger gal who gained wait but probably achieved a physique that most women would say is more desirable.

same weight fat-vs-muscle

Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll let the pictures talk. Bottom line is that lower weight DOES NOT EQUAL BETTER LOOKING BODY!

My other beef is not with feeling accomplished when losing weight, because you should feel accomplished. HOWEVER! The opposite of that is what pisses me off! When women DONT lose the weight or when the scale says a number that is one you don’t want to see you don’t just feel un-accomplished, you feel like a freaking failure. You end up getting depressed and often times giving up. This is why I have women set performance goals like a faster 5k time, being able to perform strict pull-ups, or get a bigger deadlift, or be able to do real pushups. All performance goals are big increases of their actual fitness… Performance goals ACTUALLY get them stronger, faster, and more fit. Here is the bottom line here.

Weighing less DOES NOT EQUAL being more fit, & stronger.

Getting faster, stronger, & more fit WILL ALWAYS lead to physique changes.

So there it is ladies! Chase fitness. Chase performance. Chase strength. DONT chase a number on a scale.

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this! Comment and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Why Women Should Stop Weighing Themselves

  1. I totally agree! The scale is just a number and doesn’t indicate how strong or fit you are. When I did the 30 day at home jump start I gained about 5lbs but my pants fit looser in the waist, but I could tell that my leg muscles had gotten bigger. After having two kids I didn’t think I would ever be as fit as I was before, but the work out that have come from Audacity proved that wrong. I’m definitely more fit and stronger than I was when I was younger.

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