3 Sneaky Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

Let’s admit it, when you are trying to lose weight and you don’t its freaking frustrating. You seem to be doing all the right things to no avail. Well lets not get too upset, there are a few things that can slip their way into your life that will absolutely slow your progress down.

1. Your “Non-fat Skinny Latte”

Seriously friends… If a beverage has to label itself as skinny chances are its garbage. When was the last time you saw Skinny Spinach for sale? Or Skinny Broccoli? Or Skinny Turkey? But, you don’t know that right? So you blindly go and get yourself a venti non-fat skinny vanilla latte and give your self a pat on that back for it! STOP IT! I don’t care how skinny your latte is, consuming that much dairy and processed sweetener every day is a sure fire way to put a screeching halt to your weight loss endeavors.

2. Your “All things in moderation” mindset

Lets go to the local alcoholics anonymous or drug rehab center and ask repeat attendees how “moderation” worked for them. I can understand a weekly cheat meal, but when you allow things in your daily diet all the freaking time in the name of moderation that not moderation anymore, its habitual. 

3. Your short term goals

Don’t get me wrong here, everyone needs short term goals to fire them up and keep them motivated. But always having to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, or needing to slim down to fit in that dress or those pants is freaking killing your long term weight loss goals. You set these ridiculous short term goals to meet and practically starve yourself to death trying to get there. Then if you do or do not meet those goals, you accomplished it in such an unrealistic, drastic way that you say to yourself there is no way I can ever maintain this! No crap!  You didn’t get fat over night, you will not get fit over night either. Set quarterly goals to achieve, and have a trainer that will make a plan with you to achieve those goals! Fitness is a journey not a destination.


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