Sonja’s Story


Sometimes people look at the people at our gym and think “Well some people just have an easier time getting fit”. Below is Sonja’s story of what was and what now is. Be inspired by her story and know that you too can be better, period.

Sonja’s Story…

“As a 42 year old wife and full-time working mother of two very active kids, I found that I very rarely allowed myself to have any priority. Everyone else’s needs seemed more important than my own, and really I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. After 16 years of marriage, and a settling in our lifestyle, it became that much harder to pursue change and fitness. We both knew that physically we had let ourselves go, but often let our own busyness serve as the excuse to keep us where we were at…comfortably numb.

I had been motivated in the past, by myself, to exercise and lose weight, but I really wanted fitness to be something that my husband and I pursued together, yes, the proverbial “life style change”, but it’s so easy to have the attitude of why bother if I am the only one doing it. We really just had too many excuses, and frankly it was easier just to not want to.

As 2012 came to a close, we were challenged by our conversations about where we were at in our lives. Were we happy? Were there areas of our lives and lifestyles that we needed to change, and what were we going to do about it? Are we willing to make a commitment to ourselves and to our family for our health and our future? The answer was yes!

Toward the end of January, we found ourselves at Audacity Athletics. We were hooked the very first workout. We were challenged beyond ourselves in such a way that we realized how lost we had become.

For myself, my upbringing was never about setting goals and reaching for a prize. I never really learned how to do that. I never challenged myself to do anything other than survive my circumstances. It has been an amazing transformation for me to not only allow myself priority, but to watch my fitness level change from week to week and to feel my endurance grow. Both my husband and I had finally found our “want to”.

This journey has not been without challenges. A couple of injuries set me back, but I refused to give in or give up. Attitude and perspective are everything. If I believe that I will never…then I might as well never try. I know my limits, but I also know how my mind can limit me, and I have to choose each day to show up and to believe that I can achieve each and every workout. That was the start of my goal setting.

As for me and my husband, we have made the “life style change”. We no longer try to make the time, the time has been programmed in. When we miss a day, we feel it, we long for, and we miss our friends. We love our gym community and our trainers. They have all become friends who not only encourage, but they strive to help us become better, stronger individuals, not just physically, but with our whole well-being.

We are both thankful for the changes in us individually. They have changed our marriage, and our family. Our kids see that we give ourselves priority, we give health priority, and in the end, it gives our family priority.”


One thought on “Sonja’s Story

  1. Awesome story! I’ve observed her “never quit” attitude and tenacity and she inspires me. Way to go, Sonja, and Audacity!

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