Audacity Jump Start Day 1 of 31

Happy New Year Jump Starters!!!

Today is day 1 of 31. I hope that your New Years celebrations have left you with at least a few hours of sleep, and a boat load of anticipation to get going strong in 2014! So without any further mumbo-jumbo, lets get after this thing!!!

Before starting the warm up turn your favorite workout music up loud!!!

Warm up
Perform each of the following movements for 60 seconds each with no rest in between (total time 7 minutes)
-Jumping Jacks
-Big Arm Circles
-High Knees
-Trunk Twists (keep your feet straight and right under your hips)
-Sampson Stretch (right side & left) demo video —>
-Seated Reach for Toes

Baseline Test
Perform as many reps as possible of the following movements as you can in 60 seconds. Post your results on the Audacity Home Jump Start Facebook page.
-Pushups (Knees ok)
-Squats (back onto a chair, hands off knees) demo video —>
-Burpees demo video —>

BAM!!! Look at you go! You have just completed Day 1 of 31. We will be ramping up the intensity of the workouts as we go since many of us are starting in different places. Don’t forget to post your results on the Facebook page and post on your Facebook wall about completing Day 1 of the Audacity Home Jump Start!

Great Work today!!!


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