Get Your Head Out of Your…

This post is gonna be quick, snappy, possibly a little brash, and full of what I call “REAL-REAL talk”. This post is meant to be read by the athletes of Audacity Athletics and other athletes however is more than applicable to the average Joe… Or Susan.

This post is about to start…


When you walk into the gym and see the workout on the whiteboard and your first thoughts are something like “Oh Crap” or “Why did I come today” or “This is gonna be SO HARD” or “I’m not sure I can…” ITS TIME TO GET YOUR HEAD OM STRAIGHT!

Before a PR attempt if you are thinking ANYTHING other than “IM GONNA FREAKING CRUSH THIS!” Or “I GOT THIS”, you might as well just put your bar away and not try, because you have defeated yourself before even laying a finger on the barbell. YOU GOTTA GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT!!!

With our training system workouts are REALLY REALLY HARD! They don’t only require a strong body, but a strong kind too. Never forget, physical steps of progress are always preceded by mental steps of progress. Here is a quick tip on making your mind BETTER, period.

1. Develop the “I GOT THIS Mindset”.
Go into everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING thinking “I GOT THIS!” When your brushing your teeth, making breakfast, starting your car, parallel parking, drinking coffee, or even eating a meal! Positive mindset a are made in small moments. They don’t just appear one day when faced with a crazy task. Whatever comes your way, go into it with the attitude that you are about to conqueror it!


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