We need a 12th Man


Even if you don’t know that much about the Seahawks you should know about the Seahawks 12th man. The 12th man isn’t an actual player on the team but it’s the fans at the stadium that cheer for their Seahawks. The 12th man can become so loud during a game that the opposing team can’t even hear the plays being called in the huddle. Not only does the 12th man make it extremely difficult for the Seahawks opponents, the 12th man can be that little extra boost the Seahawks need in a rough situation.
Some have gone as far to say that the 12th man is an unfair advantage.

Lately, I have come to find that I need my own 12th man. Yeah, you heard me right. I need my own 12th man. As a matter of fact EVERYONE needs their own 12th man! Everyone needs that person or those people that in the face of hard times, when the odds are against you, will get louder and louder cheering you on to victory!

You don’t need and extra coach or another advisor. Chances are that you already have more than enough of those, and half of them are probably giving you crappy advice anyway.
You need some freaking fans and some cheerleaders! The people that when we see them, no matter how you feel, inspire you to keep on going!

I’ve said enough. Now go find you 12th man.


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