Not Too High. Not Too Low.

Last night after watching the nail-biting end to the Seahawks game for the first time ever I took time to listen to the post game radio show. Russell Wilson came on and said something that struck me. He said, “I have to make sure I never get too high or too low”. He was referring to his mental attitude during a game. When they are down he never allows himself to get “too low” mentally. Getting too low will make everything become a gigantic mistake when in reality it’s not that big of a deal. Additionally he does not allow himself to get too high. When his team is absolutely crushing, he never allows himself to get too high, and wrapped up in the fact that he is doing well. This causes you to become overconfident and possibly overlook things that will come back to bite you in the butt!
I think in business, an in life, this is important. I think too often we allow ourselves to sink DEEP into self defeat by getting too low. This makes mountains out of mole hills. Also we get too high, we can often give ourselves more credit than we deserve and end up coasting and going on cruise control shortly after that.
So remember, never get too high, never get too low.


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