How my brother made me a better business man

One of my biggest fears when starting a business was the glaring reality that I have never done this before, I have zero formal business education, and there is a massive margin for complete failure. However in the midst of this I had a massive advantage.
For years I got to watch my brother become a self taught photographer, designer, & developer. Most people would have looked at him and dismissed him, saying because of the lack of resume he would not make it in his profession. In the midst of all that he spent hours upon hours watching videos, listening to podcasts, and learning all he could with all his time.
He refused to let anything stop him.
He hustled non-stop.
And guess what…
Today he is one of the big dogs.
He now is the lead developer for one of the most prestigious development companies.
How has this helped me?
Watching him taught me that education and a resume can be beaten by good old fashion hustle & hard work.
He taught me that even when it looks like the odds are against you, keep going, and going, and going, and going. Because soon enough, you’ll make it.

Whatever looks insurmountable to you, don’t be afraid. Hustle & work hard.
Your gonna make it.


One thought on “How my brother made me a better business man

  1. I came here for a recipe and found tons of encouragement! I’m planning to make your Paleo Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake for my birthday tomorrow. Follow this blog? I think so. :>}

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