4 Things I’ve learned in 4 years of Marriage

I am not about to write some lengthy marriage advice post. Why? I’ve only been at this 4 years. If you want some super in-depth marriage advise let me know and I’ll point you to the people that I have learned from. My wife and I have truly been blessed with having so many great people around us to guide and encourage us, without them, we would not be where we are today. So… Here are 4 simple things I’ve learned in 4 years of marriage.

1.) You are a team, and must operate as such. You and your wife are not two individual all-stars trying to prove who is better. You are a team working together to accomplish more together than you could a part.

2.) Be ok with being wrong, and admit it. One of the things both my wife and I have come to grips with is that we both are not perfect people, and being such we make mistakes. When we make them, we admit it, and move on. No need to get defensive, just move on. Life is too short.

3.) Laugh together daily. Sounds simple I know, but next time you are out to dinner just look at most of the couples. Most will be on phones or having conversations with a serious look on their face like they are negotiating a sales deal. Have fun with your spouse, and laugh. It’ll do you good.

4.) Have tons of sex. Yup, I said it. I don’t think this one needs tons of explanation. But if you need a reminder, Nike is always encouraging, Just Do It.


One thought on “4 Things I’ve learned in 4 years of Marriage

  1. I DID NOT need to see #4

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