Calories In vs. Calories Out


There are many ways to lose unwanted weight. This week I will be discussing a few here on my blog. I will begin with this disclaimer, I am writing my opinions from a health, fitness, and wellness perspective. One of the ways that I discuss this week may have been a way that you lost some weight, please understand that first I am happy for you. Second please, again, understand that I am writing with life long health and wellness in the front of my mind not a quick convenient way to shed a few pounds. Ok… Lets do this…

One of the most popular theory’s for weight loss is “Calories In vs. Calories out” otherwise known as counting calories. With this idea you eat and exercise in such a way that you burn more calories than you consume. Then over the weeks and months you lose weight. Does this system work? Yes, yes, it does. Now, onto the reason I really dislike it!

1. It makes you become an OCD calorie counter
Seriously friends! Chill out! People drive themselves and others around them CRAZY with their obsessive calorie counting. When I look at this side of it as a life long weight loss strategy it makes me tired and I want to take a nap. Do you really want to go the rest of your life counting every single little calorie you ingest? Didn’t think so. So don’t. Now… moving on.

2. You care more about Calories than you do Nutrients
When you are looking to cut calories at every corner it will typically lead you down the route of highly processed garbage! The more processed food is the less calories it will have as well as less nutrients. So in an effort to stay under your calorie limit you pound a 100 calorie Oreo pack? You just ate 100 calories of complete garbage that is not giving your body anything of nutritional value BUT HEY, you arrived the end of the day under your calorie limit slugger!

There are a few other reasons I dislike this method of losing weight but I’ll spare you.

Now as I said this week I’ll be discussing a few methods of weight loss and why I’m not their biggest fan. I don’t want to only be the messenger of crabby news but a bringer of “healthy hope”. So, to begin next week I will be posting some of my thoughts about healthy, sustainable, and effective weight loss methods. So… Stay Tuned!


One thought on “Calories In vs. Calories Out

  1. Right on Cody! Loved & totally AGREE with every piece of it! I see it every day…people counting calories to loose weight. Makes my head spin, really I have to ask them everytime how that’s working for out for ’em. Because you & I both know it doesnt work long term. Eating REAL food & living a healthy lifestyle doesnt have to be so dang complicated! My motto is simple: “If it grows out of the ground, falls off a tree, swim in the sea, or walks the earth than eat it….if not eat at your own risk!”
    Great job friend!

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