An Athletes AMAZING Personal Record-after only 3 weeks

This wont take long. So, just keep reading.

I boast the effectiveness of the CrossFit methodology daily. Some call BS, others believe and find out, after all, I was right. Here is an example.

A 30-something lady started training with me 3 weeks ago. Her first WOD? Fran. Yes, Fran. 21-15-9 of pure pull-up & thruster pain. We scaled her to a 25# bar and jumping pull-ups. Her time? 12:39.

3 weeks later we meet Fran again. Same bar, same height for jumping pull-ups, and the WOD still sucked. However, in the midst of the pain she managed to finish in 5:03!!! Over a 7 minute PR!

The proof is in the PR! It never gets easier, people just get better.

Join us in becoming better, period.


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