2 Lessons For Youth Pastors From Chipotle’s Menu

2 Things Youth Pastors Can Learn from Chipotle’s menu

As I had lunch today at Chipotle I was reminded of two things that help tremendously in youth ministry.

1. Keep main things THE MAIN THINGS!
The first thing you see when looking at the menu when walking in are the main things. For Chipotle it’s Burritos, Tacos, Bowls, & Salads. For our youth ministry Generation United by and large it’s Gatherings, Life Groups, Discipleship, & Camps. You must know and be able to articulate WHAT your main things are and WHY they are important. If you don’t know what your main things are NO ONE ELSE WILL!

2. Don’t offer everything, but what you offer, MAKE IT GREAT!
Compare Chipotle’s menu with that of Taco Bell. They are vastly different! Mainly Taco Bell offers an extremely wide variety of items and Chipotle does not.
Chipotle doesn’t offer everything, but what they do offer is top notch!
Two things this helps you do is ensure Consistency and Quality! Whenever I go to Chipotle I know what I get will always taste the same as last time, and it will taste great! Taco Bell… Well… Lets just say that’s not the case!
Consistency and Quality matter in youth ministry!
I don’t care if you lead 10 kids or 1,000 IT MATTERS!

So go, make the main things the main things, and make the main things great!


2 thoughts on “2 Lessons For Youth Pastors From Chipotle’s Menu

  1. So, are we too supposed to have a secret menu? 😉

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