Making our Advent Calendar

Read something today that said this, “Dads, during the holidays your main goal is not to give gifts, it’s to make memories.” After hearing this I started thinking what am I going to do to make great memories for my family this year? So I started thinking and looking around and decided that I was going to make a custom family advent calendar. The picture above is the near final product, we still need to put the numbers on the front. To make it I got little match box’s emptied the matches, wrapped them in christmas wrapping paper, put velcro on them and put all of them onto a picture frame. Everything was cheap and easy to do. Every day leading up to christmas we will pull out a piece of paper that tells us what to do… Here is the list that Stefani and I came up with…

Day 1-Make a ring chain to count down the days to Christmas.

Day 2-Make snowflakes and hang them in the window.

Day 3-Make a Christmas List.

Day 4-Make Christmas cards that on one side have art made from kids.

Day 5-Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn.

Day 6-Make Christmas cookies, while eating them read Luke 1:1-32.

Day 7-Buy a new Christmas book at the bookstore, and read it together.

Day 8-Take pictures individually, and as a family wearing a santa hat.

Day 9-Make a Christmas color meal… Red, Green, & White.

Day 10-Skype with grandma & grandpa.

Day 11-Everyone in the family make an ornament.

Day 12-Make apple cider and read Luke 1:33-66.

Day 13-Buy and wrap a gift and drop it off at a donation center.

Day 14-Everyone open a present early.

Day 15-Have a family pajama party with board games

Day 16-Make Christmas door handle hangers

Day 17-Make peppermint bark

Day 18-Make hot chocolate and stir it with candy canes,  read Luke 1:67-80

Day 19-Drive around looking at Christmas lights

Day 20-Make a list of 20 things your family is thankful for and hang it where everyone can see.

Day 21-Go out for a Christmas treat

Day 22-Sing Christmas songs by the tree

Day 23-Dress up in Christmas colors and take silly family photos

Day 24-Make eggnog latte’s and read Luke 2

Day 25-Take Family pictures in front of the tree.

I encourage any dads that are reading this to be the leader, and lead. Lead your family into making memories this holiday season because it’s over before you know it.


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