Storms happen. Bumper stickers say it differently but for now we’ll keep it on the rated G level. But regardless of what you hope for, or how optimistic you try to be, storms happen. For different people at different times the storms look different but nonetheless storms happen. And when they do come they are screaming at you in the face, “I’m here! I’m a storm! What are you gonna do about it? Where you gonna go? I’m a storm!” For those of you reading this today chances are that some of you may be facing a storm in your life. Maybe small, maybe huge but no matter the size of the storm you still have a choice about where you will place your trust in the midst of it. Look at what Psalm 20:7 says

“7Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.” -Psalm 20:7

Horses and chariots were very commons means of transportation in battle. Some nations had really sweet, hooked up chariots! Those nations took a lot of pride in how awesome their chariots were. So much so that before entering battle they would get their chariots ready and when riding into battle the had a sense of security because of the chariot they were riding in.

The question I want to ask you is this, when going through a “battle” or a storm what do you trust, your chariot or Jesus? Before you answer take a second to think. Because I think that some of us have built really nice chariots and we have even named our chariot, Jesus. So when going through hard times we tell ourselves we are trusting Jesus but really we are just putting our trust in our really nice chariot that we affectionately call Jesus.

In the storms that come our way we must not trust our chariots but we must remember our God! We must trust in Jesus! He is the only one that can bring you through your storm! Not the chariot of pleasure or of money or of fame. Only Jesus.

So whatever storm you are in today. Keep your eyes on Jesus and not the storm.

Because Jesus is the Savior who Silences the Storm.


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