What do you see?

I love hair cuts! Just being honest I love haircuts! The part I love the most is at the end when your stylist hands you a hand mirror and lets you look at a job well done (hopefully). They spin you around so you can see all angles of your new stylin’ hair cut. And be honest you know that after you get your hair cut you walk around the rest of the day with a certain “swagger” in your step. You know you look good, and nobody is going to convince you otherwise.

Sadly this way of living is not translated spiritually in most Christians lives. When you look at your self, you do not like what you see. You see your failures, fallings, fumblings, and faults.

And because you do not like what you see your walk is a reflection of what you see. Just like when you have a new awesome hair cut you have a swagger, you see yourself as a spiritual screw-up so you walk around not with a swagger but with a slump. All because of what YOU see.

For just a moment I’d like to remind you of something…


Seriously! His thoughts towards you are innumerable! You are His beloved! You are valuable to Him! This is truth! Sadly we have too many Christians walking around acting like they are “little nothings”… NEWS FLASH! JESUS DIDN’T DIE FOR NOTHING! When purchasing anything, a payment is required for the value of whatever is being purchased. Let’s go back two thousand years or so… Jesus dying on a cross as payment for you and me. Death on a cross equals, huge payment. Why? Because in His eyes what was being purchased was WORTH IT!

This doesn’t mean that we walk around acting like we are better than those around us. It means that the one who created us says that we are valuable, worth it, priceless, awesome in His eyes!

Now may you live a life that reflects your worth… PRICELESS!


2 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. So good Cod!!! I needed this today! Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Revolutionizing thoughts! Perspective and identity are one, change your perspective, and change your identity; change your identity, and change your perspective. Keep posting stuff, it’s awesome!

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