New Skins

Ok let’s all be honest for a minute. We all like new things. No matter what it is there is nothing like getting something that is brand spankin’ new! A new car, a new shirt, a new pair of jeans, a new book, a new pair of shoes, or even a new house! Don’t get me wrong used stuff can be nice too, and more economical but if you had the choice between new or used with no difference in cost to you, bring on the NEW! I think that I can speak for everyone in saying that we all love new stuff from God! Whatever it may be newness, and renewing from God is awesome! This year Unleashed (JH) and Youth Church (HS) are all praying, asking, and begging God for new people to come to know Jesus. The specific word for Youth Church so passionately stated by Daniel Hunt is “We want to WIN & KEEP SOULS!” I don’t know about you but that pumps me up! The word for Unleashed this year goes along the same lines, “Souls to be SAVED, Disciples to be MADE” Across the board we wanna see people come to know Jesus. We want lives to be changed. We want a city to be changed. You are probably asking God for something new, refreshing, or reviving for yourself as you end this year and start another. So here is something to think about in the process…

“And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the wine would burst the wineskins, and the wine would be lost. New wine calls for new wineskins.” Mark 2:22 NLT (Emphasis Added)

What are you doing to prepare for the new stuff? What are we going to do to keep souls to make disciples? What are you doing in preparation to keep and effectively use what God is going to bring as “new wine”? Don’t be mistaken if you don’t prepare, get new skins, whatever comes will be lost. It’s time to shed some skin.


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