Expectation Determines Experience

You ever hear God speak something to you and you just know it’s Him telling you to do something? Yeah? Well I had one of those this last Sunday. As Stef and I were in the back of church praying for people service ended and people started to exit. As people were walking down the stairs a glanced at a man with his arm in a sling and BOOM! God spoke. “Him, there, pray for that man.” So I waited for the man to get close enough and I asked him, “What happened to your arm?” And he got a sad, terrified look on his face and responded, “Something happened this last week, and it’s kind of a sore subject right now and I don’t like talking about it.” I asked him if I could pray for his hand and arm. He told me I could then instantly went into the story of what happened.

Basically he was using a homemade mole killer (the kind that dig and jack you lawn up) by using a 12 gauge shotgun. Long story short, it messed up and shot him, and made his index finger no more. When he told me this I got excited! I thought, God is about to do a miracle, the kind you don’t see every day. This guy is about to grow a finger back by the power of Jesus! I was pumped to say the least at that moment. But then something happened to deflate my excitement. He said, “Oh you don’t have to pray for that. Just pray I can still use my hand” All that went through my head is that this man has Jesus miracle power available to completely heal and restore his hand and he just wants the status-quo, no finger back, just use of the hand. I still prayed for it to be miraculously healed and to grow back. But I thought later, Expectation determines Experience.

What we expect from a situation will decide the action taken hence determining the experience or outcome. When we come to church expecting the simple, mediocre, mundane, the normal, the everyday, that’s what we will get! But when we come expecting miracles, signs, wonders, and the unexplainable that what we will get! We create a culture where nothing happens, or where miracles and the supernatural become the normal. So I ask you, what do you expect when you go to school? Stand in the line at Starbucks? Drive through the drive-thru? Come to church? When you pray? When you read the Bible? What do you expect? May we expect nothing less than the supernatural, and may we experience nothing less than that very thing!


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